I did not want my husband’s ashes to fade into the background of daily life as a doorstop, a box on a windowsill gradually moving towards the attic or under the stairs. Burial would be a denial of the whole point of cremation. Just trickling him beside a path he used to walk was not enough for someone who enjoyed new people, new places, whose curiosity and delight in finding out were fundamental.

There was one place that had given my husband strength, respite, enjoyment for almost 40 years and it seemed right to hope his ashes would be happy to be back.

Allowing what remained of him to just go would be best, aerial release – of course but how?

Finding ANGLES AWAY ticked all the boxes and instantly cut through the fog in my head. It needed time to set up but preparing myself took longer than identifying the land owner and getting permission so 2 dates were agreed; my husband’s birthday and failing that
our wedding anniversary.

After a week of high winds and rain the weather chart showed a window of sun with 3mph winds and we went for it.

The model helicopter was immaculate, shining black as patent leather. The operator was gentle, unobtrusive and intent on realising someone else’s vision in a place he had never seen before while observing all the regulations for model aircraft flights: yet he could still alert others when emotional support was needed.

Even if the finality of the soft explosion of ash against the blue sky stopped my heart it was the most beautiful closure imaginable: a tough call for me but perfect for him.

Thank you Charlie.

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