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December 2020

Until Brexit is Finalised with its effect on the Civil Aviation Authority and model flying Angels Away falls into a “grey ” area for Licensing. As Angels Away does not collect data and not performed for large public gatherings as defined, the assumption is that is does not.

With the ongoing COVOD 19 pandemic gripping us presently and the necessary restrictions placed on us, my Angels Away is suspended until there is a freedom of travel guide given by the Government and even then, social distancing will no doubt be maintained


Enquiries will continue as normal.

I have developed and operated my Angels Away service in the UK for around 5 years now and brought many happy conclusions to peoples’ loved ones funeral ashes.  Each has been unique, well received, emotionally charged and on the odd occasion made me weep with the others but only after the event.

Many enquiries have been received from around the country including a few from overseas to spread loved ones’ ashes over areas in the UK where they played as a young persons or favoured.  Out of these  a large number has not been finalised for whatever reason, costs, permissions, family differences etc, I don’t know but respect their decisions.  However there is only one decision which I and others objected to.  This was that of a young murder victim’s family wishing my service for their son (victim) over a League listed football pitch.  Permission had initially been given and even extended some after event catering. It was whilst making suitable arrangements the club pulled out without explanation.

Out of the many done, few have consented for it to be shared on this website or social media associated with Angels Away. For these I am truly grateful and honoured.

I appreciate that folk do not know the amount of work that has gone into providing my service,  so I’ll give you a bit of an insight.  Firstly there’s the design and production of the body shell, the trials and enhancements to the mechanics to carry and contain the weight and a suitable and sustained release mechanism.  On top of that are the extra costings and trials for the enhanced avionics in the interests of safety.

Hours are spent in pre-event (fully loaded) training flights, the partial dismantling, inspection  and reassembly of the model on the day before the event.  The drive to the site, area assessment, discussion, safety briefing, flight and the drive home adds up to a very long,  emotional and tiring day.

The Civil Aviation Authority are still in discussions in relation to the effect of Brexit which may, or may not, impact my service.  Until a final outcome has been decided, I will not be making a standard charge for my service.

Angels Away was never created to be profitable but to give a unique service to families and friends and the most appropriate or best send off possible for their loved one’s funeral ashes.  My thoughts have always been, “we are part of a really unique and spectacular event” and “if they were looking down on us, it would be with a tear of joy in their eyes”

I am now of bus pass age and need to look towards the future.  I do not see anyone in the UK providing my type of service but I know that over the years this website has been viewed in its entirety throughout the world and probably developed.

To the best of my knowledge there is only one other person  that provides my type of service. He first became authorised long after myself and operates from the Gold Coast in Australia.  He  will not travel, charges approximately £400 for the flight and the last time I looked his vehicle can be best described as a small oil rig platform with props on top and a large box under it. In my opinion,  not pleasing to the eye, but hey, each to their own.

Stay Safe

Charles Krajewski