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Until Brexit is Finalised with its effect on the Civil Aviation Authority and model flying Angels Away falls into a “grey ” area for Licensing. As Angels Away does not collect data and not performed for large public gatherings as defined, the assumption is that is does not.

Obtaining permissions to fly out of the recreational norm will always be present. Generally speaking, if the public has access then model flying is permitted as no one owns the air above the ground, however, it may be “controlled”. However  permission from the land owner must be sought as restrictions may be in place preventing all flights, or certain sizes and types of models to be flown legally. Airspace, however,  is totally controlled in certain areas and our new additions, the cheaper drones, frequently compromise the status quo we, the responsible pilots, have enjoyed over many years.

If in doubt, seek advice

Due to the size of my models providing the service, permissions will always  be required both for the flight and dispersal of the ashes even though there is no negative environmental issues. This is usually sorted out by the organiser and verbally confirmed immediately prior to the flight. Dealing with local authorities can be tedious but success can be gained when speaking to the right person. The wrong ones suggest the request being added to the agenda for a council meeting and, if approved, a license purchasing at a suggested cost of £500. Speaking to the right person – costs nothing.

Organisations like the National Trust are, at present, rigid in their ruling preventing the flight of powered model aircraft from land that they own or manage. They are apparently unconcerned about their appeals for funding being affected by this uncompromising attitude demonstrated by  this charity.
An effort has been made at their recent AGM for their members to decide. This never reached the agenda!

It would appear that the National Heritage shares the same opinion but, following a recent communication, would appear to favourably consider the wishes of a family.

Efforts continue on demand to make these organisations to see sense.


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