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Until Brexit is Finalised with its effect on the Civil Aviation Authority and model flying Angels Away falls into a “grey ” area for Licensing.  As Angels Away does not collect data and not performed for large public gatherings as defined, and not  for profit,  the assumption is that is does not.


UPDATED 5th December, 2020


Angels Away is the name given by Charles Krajewski for the unique service he provides

The service  is located at 101 Lathe Road, Whiston, South Yorkshire, S604LL

Angels Away has on the day Public Liability Insurance to sum of £1,000,000

As no one owns the air we breathe, control of its use over land applies in certain areas i.e near to or at active airfields, military, naval, scientific research areas etc.

Generally speaking if the public has access and no bye-laws exist preventing the flight of model aircraft and consideration is given to articles within the Air Navigational Order and Civil Aviation Publications, permissions and environment, then model flying can legally take place.

The type of service that Angels Away provides needs permission from the land owner for the flight and certainly the dispersal of ashes over the land even though there is no negative environmental issues.

There are moves afoot to minimise the damage being caused to the model flying communities by the rapid growth of “drones” correctly referred to as quads or multi-rotors.  A small number of irresponsible users has brought the sport into serious scrutiny and currently being reviewed by E.A.S.A.  (the European body) to control this ongoing problem.

Angels Away takes its responsibility very seriously and if a decision not to fly has been made – it is absolute!

With heightened security, requests to disperse ashes  (however received)  without representation at the location will be seriously scrutinised so apologies are offered at this point for detailed assurances to be provided.

All images and videos publicly displayed relating to Angels Away have been done so with the kind permission of the relatives involved.

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