Terms and Conditions

As you have obviously considered my services, you may have a location in mind. Although much will be done over the telephone the below must be read and fully understood as legal requirements need to be met.

Permission to spread the ashes over land, be it private or public, has to be obtained and consideration given to the environment – in particular waterways. This will be down to yourself and will only require a yes or no answer to the question on the day of the flight.

If there is public access on or next to the location in mind, and there are no bye laws to prevent me from doing so and permissions obtained, then the flight can be made.

To assist I will have to do a remote location assessment and ask that, using Google Earth, a pin be dropped at the chosen location and sent to me either to my mobile (07886 258961) or email – charlie@angelsaway.co.uk.

Should this appear viable then a date and time will need to be agreed upon.

As the flight is weather dictated, a check will be made the day before and if suitable I allow a three hours window from the stated time in which to make the flight and as such ask that travelling expenses be paid in advance.

On the allocated day, I will be there early to assess the location, and plan the flight and release in accordance with your request

As stated the flight is very much weather dictated and should I consider, this or any reason, that the safety of the flight or persons may be compromised, then it must be understood that if my decision is not to fly, it is absolute.

Immediately prior to the flight a safety briefing will be given which will require full attention.

The flight will last between two and three minutes and the model must not be approached after it has been placed on the ground for launch and afterwards whilst the blades are turning until advised that it is safe to do so.

With heightened security, requests to disperse ashes (however received) without representation at the location will be seriously scrutinised so apologies are offered at this point for detailed assurances to be provided.

Angels Away has £1,000,000 public liability insurance and a copy can be provided on request.





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