As from the 21st December, 2019 I am reverting back to my previous fees whilst I wait for the outcome of a further change in Aviation Laws expected in June 2020.

Therefore my fees are as follows:

1 – Mileage charged each way                                           £0.25

2 – On the day Insurance                                                    £11.00

Both of which to be paid in advance

Voluntary Donation towards the upkeep of the model will be taken on the day.


In the earlier days, prior to being approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to do this Aerial Work, only expenses and donations could be accepted.  Now acceptable, realistic and     reasonable fees can be charged.

As a result a considerable sum of money has been invested (with more to follow), there is little hope of a total recovery let alone any profit ever being made particularly as now a model has been lost at sea. However the impact and favourable comments made, together with the satisfaction of achieving such a spectacular event, makes it so very much worthwhile.


1 – For the flight and dispersal                                                                                   £75

2 – Mileage charged each way                                                                                   £0.25 per mile

3 – Additional flight on the same day and location                                          £25.00

4 – Locations greater than 150 miles from Rotherham will incur an overnight stay at basic costs                                                                                                                             £To be determined

5 – Payment of full mileage to be paid in advance to guarantee my attendance

Angels Away was created as a result of that extra special impact it had when I dispersed my friend’s funeral ashes and the same has been experienced by many more.

Having read the previous pages and this one you may feel that you wish to make a            voluntary donation to the further development of the Angels Away service.

If this is the case then then please feel free to do so through my PayPal account:

Thanking you
Charlie Krajewski
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