How it came about

In 2013 and during his last days, a life long friend and fellow aero modeller  asked, “for his ashes to be spread over his model flying field”.

Model aeroplanes have been used but require a runway needing several flights due to load capacity and from full size  aeroplanes and gliders which offered little or no show for        observers to witness.

The Flying Field stated is now more of a wood with few small clearings preventing any   aeroplane being used so I modified one of my model helicopters and succeeded in                  fulfilling these wishes in one flight with spectacular effect.

The event was emotional and captured in photos and video for it to be permanently               remembered.

Search YouTube in my name:-
Charles Krajewski or visit my Youtube link on the menu bar.

That flight was an absolute first and generated an emotional impact which caused me to make this service available to others at a realistic and reasonable cost and, as a result, the model was redesigned and had many modifications made resulting in the Angels Away      Vehicle currently viewable only on YouTube or Facebook.

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