What to do with the ashes

With the ever increasing costs for a burial, its no wonder that the number of cremations have increased

But, have you ever considered what will be done with the ashes at the end of the day?

Are they to be stored in their original plastic bag and plastic bottle at the bottom of a wardrobe or in a cupboard for an indefinite period? – Is part of it to be used to make       personal jewellery items or added into tattoos? – Are they to be placed into an Ornate Urn and kept on permanent display? – Are they to be buried in the garden or spread by pouring over their favourite place be it on land to be trampled on or into open water? – Or are they to be spread onto some communal area in a cemetery?

Should expense be no major consideration there are options available to disperse the       ashes high into the air. These include being lifted by helium balloon, spread by various       aircraft flying overhead or included into a fireworks display all of which offer no real       spectacle of the ashes themselves dispersing.

Angels Away is a totally new concept involving low altitude air dispersals. The service makes use of a Radio Controlled Helicopter to carry all the ashes in one flight.

Your loved one is elevated making a 360 degree viewing over their favourite place before taking a last look at friends and family before climbing away. At an acceptable altitude the ashes are slowly released across the sky forming a long swirling cloud before disappearing completely in what can be described as a highly charged emotional experience.

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