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  1. Testimonial

    Charlie from Angels Away certainly went the extra mile and gave us his whole attention from the very moment we first made contact with him to ensure that the scattering of the ashes our loved one went without any hiccup.
    From helping us to check that we would not encounter any problems with our first chosen location and when red tape from the site owners got in the way , helping us to ensure that our second choice would be trouble free and we could hold our family gathering for this very important occasion with no problems or awkwardness .
    Charlie worked closely with us keeping us in the picture the while time with weather conditions and advising us in good time whether we needed to wait for a better day , he was even willing if the weather proved bad to wait on site for up to three hours for weather to improve, this didn’t need to be applied however because on the final date when weather was confirmed by Charlie to be perfect for our chosen timing he was spot on, the sky was blue, the early showers had been and gone and it was warm and sunny like a summers day and this was a Spring April day we were so lucky!

    The Angel’s Flight itself we discussed over a period of time in fine detail to make it perfect and fitting for our loved one who had in his lifetime worked in the aircraft industry and had also been a air model flying enthusiast in his leisure time and so a final flight to lovingly disperse his ashes from the skies above was absolutely fitting and as appropriate a send off as we as a family could have wished to give him.

    Charlie was very accommodating and open to my suggestions to make the occasion even more special for our family with touches we wished to add like special words read by family members , music and natural symbols such as shells and flower petals and a time for reflection after the flight …all in all it made for a very emotional ,loving , calm and serene send off for our loved one.
    Charlie placed the ashes aboard the air craft in a sensitive manner and then at a given sign after our personal words were said he carried out with the well executed ,well thought out flight , expertly flown by him to include special touches including a look in all directions of the Earth and a final look and nod at the family before the helicopter soared away and up , up ,up before releasing the ashes of our ‘St Albans Angel’ in a very moving and momentary spectacular curve amongst the clouds in the blue skies ……..

    Many tears fell too , yes, but a sense of serenity and peace was upon each and every one of us who was present at this the final loving and fitting act had been completed perfectly by Charlie to its conclusion
    Thank you Charlie on behalf of all of the family for your sensitivity and careful attention to detail, we cannot recommend Angels Away highly enough to others who may be looking for something unique and for their own special farewell to their loved one.

    Kind wishes

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